Gallery of Pipe Organs

Pipe organ facade at Saint Andrews Episcopal church in Fort Pierce, Florida

Lucas Theatre

Savannah, Georgia:
Restoration of Wurlitzer theater organ.

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Photo of console at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Louisville, Kentucky:
New IV-manual, 115-rank pipe organ.

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New A.E. Schlueter pipr organ at St Mary Catholic Church in Evansville, Indiana

St Simon Island Presbyterian

St Simon Island, Georgia:
New 3-manual, 38-rank pipe organ.

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First Presbyterian Atlanta Georgia pipe organ

First Presbyterian

Atlanta, Georgia:
New IV-manual, 112-rank pipe organ built in collaboration with Klais.

Pipe organ facade at Saint Andrews Episcopal church in Fort Pierce, Florida

Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church

Fort Pierce, Florida:
New 3-manual, 38-rank pipe organ.

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First Baptist Church of Christ, Macon GA

First Baptist Church of Christ

Macon, Georgia:
New III-manual, 52-rank pipe organ.

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Kenrick Glennon Seminary pipe organ

Kenrick-Glennon Seminary

St. Louis, Missouri:
New III-manual, 39-rank pipe organ.

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First Baptist Church of Christ, Macon GA

Fox Theatre

Atlanta, Georgia:
Rebuild of the “Mighty Mo” console and building of new “Faux Mo” stand-in console to play the organ while it was being rebuilt.

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Covenant Presbyterian, Charlotte NC pipe organ

Covenant Presbyterian

Charlotte, North Carolina:
New II-manual, 34-rank pipe organ.

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Advent Lutheran Church in Melbourne FL

Advent Lutheran

Melbourne, Florida:
New III-manual, 36-rank pipe organ.

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Episcopal Church of the Advent, Madison GA pipe organ

Episcopal Church of the Advent

Madison, Georgia:
New II-manual, 15-rank pipe organ.

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Immaculate Heart of Mary, Atlanta GA, pipe organ

Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic

Atlanta, Georgia:
New III-manual, 46-rank pipe organ.

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Midway Presbyterian facade

Midway Presbyterian

Powder Springs, Georgia:
New III-manual, 55-rank pipe organ.

Hendricks Ave Baptist, Jacksonville FL pipe organ

Hendricks Avenue Baptist

Jacksonville, Florida:
New III-manual, 60-rank pipe organ.

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New York Ave Presbyterian pipe organ

New York Avenue Presbyterian

Washington, DC:
New III-manual, 62-rank pipe organ.

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New A.E. Schlueter pipr organ at St Mary Catholic Church in Evansville, Indiana

St Mary Catholic

Evansville, Indiana:
New 2-manual, 38-rank pipe organ.

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Iglesia ni Cristo, Philippines pipe organ

Iglesia ni Cristo

Quezon City, Philippines:
New IV-manual, 50-rank pipe organ, plus two II-manual terrace consoles.

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Tallowood Baptist facade

Tallowood Baptist

Houston, Texas:
Major renovation, tonal restructuring, major additions, and completion of IV-manual, 94-rank pipe organ.

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Atlanta FUMC pipe organ

Atlanta FUMC

Atlanta, Georgia:
New V-manual, 93-rank pipe organ.

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First Presbyterian, Savannah, facade

First Presbyterian

Savannah, Georgia:
New III-manual, 47-rank pipe organ.

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Cordele FUMC facade

First United Methodist

Cordele, Georgia:
New III-manual, 22-rank pipe organ.

Morehouse College facade

Morehouse College

Atlanta, Georgia:
Major repairs to IV-manual, 92-rank pipe organ.

The Temple organ console

The Temple – The Hebrew Benevolent Congregation

Atlanta, Georgia:
Rebuilt Aeolian-Skinner/Pilcher organ and IV-manual console.

The Grand Theater console

Grand Theatre

Fitzgerald, Georgia:
III-manual 1926 Barton theatre pipe organ moved and rebuilt with additions.

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Grace Presbyterian facade

Grace Presbyterian

Plano, Texas:
New III-manual, 25-rank pipe organ.

Elberton FUMC facade

First United Methodist

Elberton, Georgia:
New II-manual, 25-rank pipe organ with replica of original Pilcher case.

Good Shepherd Episcopal, Burke VA pipe organ

St. Andrew Episcopal

Rocky Mount, North Carolina:
New II-manual, 24-rank pipe organ.

New Orleans Baptist Seminary facade

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

New Orleans, La:
New IV-manual, 83-rank pipe organ in Leavell Chapel, and new III-manual, 33-rank pipe organ in Sellers Hall, to replace organs destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

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Good Shepherd Episcopal, Burke VA pipe organ

Good Shepherd Episcopal

Burke, Virginia:
New III-manual, 26-rank pipe organ.

Newberry ARP, Newberry SC pipe organ

Newberry A.R.P.

Newberry, South Carolina:
New II-manual, 15-rank pipe organ.

First Presbyterian, Galveston TX pipe organ

First Presbyterian

Galveston, Texas:
New III-manual, 56-rank pipe organ.

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First Lutheran, Galveston TX pipe organ

First Lutheran

Galveston, Texas:
New III-manual, 24-rank pipe organ.

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Wetumpka FUMC painted facade

First United Methodist

Wetumpka, Alabama:
Restored facade and pipe organ repairs.

16th Street Baptist facade

Historic Sixteenth Street Baptist

Birmingham, Alabama:
Rebuilt with additions: 1913 Pilcher III-manual, 18-rank pipe organ.

St Johns Episcopal facade

St Johns

Savannah, Georgia:
New case, rebuild and additions to IV-manual, 74-rank pipe organ.

College Heights Methodist facade

College Heights Methodist

Lakeland, Florida:
New III-manual, 31-rank pipe organ.

Stella Maris Catholic facade

Stella Maris Catholic

Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina:
New II-manual, 25-rank pipe organ.

Photo of Schlueter organ installed at First Baptist Church in New Orleans

First Baptist Church

New Orleans, Louisiana:
Rebuilt with additions IV-manual, 74-rank pipe organ.

Lumpkin UMC organ

Lumpkin UMC

Lumpkin, Georgia:
New II-manual, 10-rank pipe organ.

Bethel UMC facade

Bethel United Methodist

Charleston, South Carolina:
New III-manual, 51-rank pipe organ.

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Chester Presbyterian facade

Chester Presbyterian

Chester, Virginia:
New II-manual, 31-rank pipe organ.

Warm Springs Roosevelt Chapel tracker organ

Historic Roosevelt Chapel

Warm Springs, Georgia:
Restored II-manual, 3-rank organ.

Trinity CME chapel tracker organ

Trinity CME

Augusta, Georgia:
Restored II-manual, 10-rank 1903 Pilcher tracker pipe organ.

Callaway Gardens chapel and console

Callaway Gardens

Pine Mountain, Georgia:
Rebuild of III-manual, 24-rank pipe organ.

Holy Trinity Catholic facade and console

Holy Trinity Catholic

Peachtree City, Georgia:
New II-manual, 27-rank pipe organ.

Carrollton FUMC left facade

First United Methodist

Carrollton, Georgia:
New III-manual, 43-rank pipe organ.

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