Completed Projects

New Organs by Denomination


Advent Lutheran Church, Melbourne, FL: III Manual, 36 Ranks

First Lutheran Church, Galveston, TX: III Manual, 24 Ranks


Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Burke, VA: III Manual, 26 Ranks

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Rocky Mount, NC: II Manual, 23 Ranks

Church of the Advent, Madison, GA: II Manual, 15 Ranks


Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church, Atlanta, GA: III Manual, 46 Ranks

Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, St. Louis, MO: III Manual, 39 Ranks

St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Evansville, IN: II Manual, 38 Ranks

Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Peachtree City, GA: II Manual, 27 Ranks

Stella Maris Catholic Church, Sullivan’s Island, SC: II Manual, 25 Ranks


St. Peter’s Anglican Cathedral, Tallahassee, FL: IV Manual, 26 Ranks
   (Twin IV Manual Consoles, Prepared for 131 Ranks)


First Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, GA: IV Manual, 112 Ranks (Collaboration with Klais)  

New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, Washington, DC: III Manual, 62 Ranks

First Presbyterian Church, Galveston, TX: III Manual, 56 Ranks

Midway Presbyterian Church, Powder Springs, GA: III Manual, 55 Ranks

First Presbyterian Church, Savannah, GA: III Manual, 47 Ranks

Covenant Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC: II Manual, 34 Ranks

Chester Presbyterian Church, Chester, VA: II Manual, 31 Ranks

Grace Presbyterian Church, Plano, TX: III Manual, 25 Ranks

Covenant Presbyterian Church, Huntsville, AL: II Manual, 24 Ranks (damaged in fire)  

Selwyn Avenue Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC: III Manual, 23 Ranks

Rivermont Presbyterian Church, Chattanooga, TN: II Manual, 22 Ranks

Hillside Presbyterian Church, Decatur, GA: II Manual, 15 Ranks

Lowell Presbyterian Church, Lowell, NC: II Manual, 13 Ranks

Clarksville Presbyterian Church, Clarksville, GA: II Manual, 6 Ranks


Tallowood Baptist Church, Houston, TX: IV Manual, 94 Ranks

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, New Orleans, LA: IV Manual, 83 Ranks

First Baptist Church of Christ, Macon, GA: III Manual, 52 Ranks

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, New Orleans, LA: III Manual, 33 Ranks

Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL: III Manual, 60 Ranks

First Baptist Church (Chapel), Elberton, GA: II Manual, 7 Ranks

Associated Reformed Presbyterian

Newberry A.R.P. Church, Newberry, SC: II Manual, 15 Ranks


Suffolk Christian Church, Suffolk, VA: III Manual, 24 Ranks


Atlanta First United Methodist Church, Atlanta, GA: V Manual, 93 Ranks

Bethel United Methodist Church, Charleston, SC: III Manual, 51 Ranks

First United Methodist Church, Carrollton, GA: III Manual, 43 Ranks

College Heights United Methodist Church, Lakeland, FL: III Manual, 31 Ranks

Elberton First United Methodist, Elberton, GA: II Manual, 25 Ranks

Cordele United Methodist Church, Cordele, GA: III Manual, 22 Ranks

Jackson United Methodist Church, Jackson, GA: II Manual, 23 Ranks

Gadsden Street United Methodist, Pensacola, FL: II Manual, 10 Ranks

Lumpkin United Methodist, Lumpkin, GA: II Manual, 9 Ranks

Iglesia Ni Cristo

Iglesia ni Cristo, Central Temple – Quezon City, Philippines: New IV Manual, 50 Ranks

Iglesia ni Cristo, Right Chapel – Quezon City, Philippines: New II Manual Terrace Console

Iglesia ni Cristo, Left Chapel – Quezon City, Philippines: New II Manual Terrace Console

Rebuilding and Addition Projects

As a service Company, A. E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Company is responsible for the care of over 250 pipe organs and maintains a crew of dedicated service technicians. While not an inclusive list of our work, highlights of some of our recent significant rebuilding and addition projects by denomination include:
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran, Camp Hill, PA: New console rebuilding, additions (Moller)
Trinity Lutheran Church, Hixon, TN: Rebuilding and Additions to Schantz
St. John’s Lutheran Church, Charleston, SC: III Manual Schantz Console with relay
St. John’s Episcopal Church, Savannah, GA: IV Manual 75 Ranks (new case, additions, tonal work)
Grace Episcopal Church, Silver Springs, MD: New III Manual Console and Additions
St. Margaret’s Episcopal, Carrollton, GA: New III Manual Console and Additions
Greek Orthodox
Greek Orthodox Cathedral Atlanta, GA: New II Manual Console and Additions
Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Savannah, GA: New III Manual Console
St. Margaret Catholic Church, Albany, GA: Rebuilding and additions (Moller)
The Temple, Atlanta, GA: IV Manual 50 Ranks, Aeolian-Skinner (restoration)
First Presbyterian Church, St. Simons Island, GA: New III Console and Relays
First Presbyterian Church, Hilton Head, SC: New IV Manual Console and Relays
First Presbyterian Church, Lagrange, GA: Console Rebuilding and MIDI
Royster Memorial Presbyterian Church, Norfolk, VA: III Manual, 43 Ranks (rebuild) (Moller)
First Presbyterian Church, Milledgeville, GA: II Manual, 16 Ranks (rebuild) (Moller)
First Presbyterian Church Jacksonville, AL: II Manual, 12 Ranks (rebuild/additions)(Moller)
Covenant Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, GA: Rebuilding of Moller Console and new Relays
Derbyshire Baptist Church, Richmond, VA: New 12 Rank Exposed GT Division, IV Manual Console
The First Baptist Church of New Orleans, LA: IV Manual, 74 Ranks (rebuild andadditions)
Friendship Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA: III/38 (Casavant rebuild with additions)
First Baptist Church, Orangeburg, SC: III Manual 34 Ranks (Moller rebuild with additions)
16th Street Baptist Church, Birmingham, AL: II Manual, 22 Ranks (rebuild and console)
Wieuca Road Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA: Repair of Damaged Moller Chests
First Baptist Church, Thomasville, GA: Rebuilding with Additions
Briarlake Baptist Church, Decatur, GA: IV Manual 71 Ranks (New console, cases, additions)
Smokerise Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA: New IV Manual Console and additions
Friendship Baptist Church, Aiken, SC: II Manual, 8 Ranks (1926 Hillgreen-Lane)
Ingleside Baptist Church, Macon, GA: Console rebuild and additions
First Baptist Church, Moultrie, GA: Console rebuild and repairs
Vineville Baptist Church, Macon, GA: Console rebuild and repairs
First Baptist Church, Chattanooga, TN: Aeolian-Skinner Console Restoration
First Baptist Church St. Paul’s NC: New II Manual Console
Providence Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC: IV Manual 68 Ranks (New IV Manual Console and additions)
First Baptist Church, Dalton, GA: I Manual, 7 Ranks (1896 Pilcher Tracker)
Williams Chapel AME, Forsyth, GA: Repair of major water damage
Trinity CME, August, GA: II Manual, 9 Ranks (1903 Pilcher Tracker)
United Methodist
First United Methodist Church, Enterprise, AL: Rebuilding and Additions (1917 Austin)
Chamblee United Methodist, Chamblee, GA : New III Manual Console and Rebuilding
Porterfield United Methodist, Albany, GA: New III Manual Console and Additions
John Wesley United Methodist, Charleston,SC: III Manual, 31 Ranks (rebuild) (Moller)
Druid Hills United Methodist Church, Atlanta,GA: III Manual, 23 Ranks (rebuild) (Moller)
First United Methodist Church, Lenoir, NC: III Manual, 25 Ranks (rebuild/console)
First United Methodist Church, Asheboro, NC: II Manual, 16 Ranks (rebuild/additions)
First United Methodist Church, Tifton, GA: Console rebuild and repairs
First United Methodist Church, Dothan, AL: Console rebuild and repairs (Moller)
Trinity United Methodist, Savannah, GA: III Manual, 40 Ranks (rebuild) (Moller)
Carteret Street United Methodist Church: II Manual, 10 Ranks (Moller rebuild)
First United Methodist Church, Newnan, GA: New III Manual Console and Relays
Asbury United Methodist Church: New II Manual, 25 Rank Pipe Organ
First United Methodist Church, Warner Robins: III Manual, 25 Ranks (rebuild) (Moller)
Main Street UMC, Greenwood, SC: Rebuilding of III Manual Moller with new Relays
Non-Denominational Chapels
Callaway Gardens Chapel, Pine Mountain, GA: III Manual, 33 Ranks rebuild (Moller)
Warm Springs Chapel, Warm Springs, GA:, II Manual 3 Ranks (1934 Aeolian-Skinner)
Grand Theater, Fitzgerald, GA: Rebuilding and relocation of III/18 Barton
Rylander Theater, Americus, GA: II Manual,11 Ranks (Moller Theater Organ)

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