Pipe Organ Standards and Guidelines

Standards and guidelines for the construction, rebuilding and repair of pipe organs are being written and edited by Arthur E. Schlueter, Jr., Founder and CEO of A. E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Company, in consultation with industry experts. Arthur has extensive experience writing and developing standards, guidelines and codes. He was the Associate Executive Director of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools responsible for developing, writing and editing standards for higher eduction. For nine years he has served as a committee member of the National Electrical Code Panel 12, and was the principal submitter of Code 650 - Pipe Organs, and Code 640, which includes code related to electronic organs. He is licensed in multiple states as a low-voltage electrician, has earned B.A., M.Ed., and Sp.Ed. degrees and is a doctoral candidate.

This 32-page document is available as a pdf file by clicking here.

After completion of these standards and guidelines, summary articles will be posted on this website with links to a new website which will host the unabridged documents, along with other pertinent pipe organ industry resources and materials.

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Arthur E. Schlueter, Jr.

Arthur E. Schlueter, Jr.