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Welcome to the Schlueter Pipe Organ Family

Our staff includes a gifted team of the organ builders and support personnel to serve you in your music needs. The collective experience of our staff members spans a period of over 200 years of organ building. This team includes:

Members of the Schlueter Family

Photo of Arthur E Schlueter, Jr., founder of A E Schlueter Pipe Organ Company Arthur E. Schlueter, Jr., "Art" is the founder, President, and CEO of A. E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Company. A native of south Florida, he has been interested in pipe organs since his childhood. He began studying about the pipe organ and working with organ builders from an early age. During school and college days, he worked under the supervision of a retiring English organ builder living in Florida. After earning his academic degrees from Florida Atlantic University and Georgia State University, he began a career with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. In 1975, Art left his career in higher education administration, to pursue organ-building full-time. Representing one of Americaís largest pipe organ builders through 1992, he designed and installed 47 new instruments. His professional activities have always included the full range of organ selling, building, and installation.

In 1993 the firm started building under the Schlueter name and is responsible for the design, building, and installation of new II- to V-manual instruments, from 8 to 93 ranks, along with pipe organ restorations, new consoles, and additions. The firm also remains active in organ tuning and maintenance, providing services to over 220 clients.

Art is a member of the Atlanta chapter of the American Guild of Organists, the American Institute of Organ Builders, The Organ Historical Society, and the International Society of Organ Builders. Since 1986 Art has been active with low-voltage issues as they pertain to pipe organs. He maintains low-voltage licensing in multiple states, and serves on Panel 12 of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for the National Electrical Code as a representative for the AIO and APOBA. In this capacity, Art has been involved in many of the code revisions from 1987 forward.Photo of Arthur E Schlueter, III, Vice-President of Tonal and Artistic Direction at A E Schlueter Pipe Organ Company

At left is a picture of a recent certificate sent to Arthur E. Schlueter, Jr. in recognition of his 25 years of service to the National Electrical Code Committee (NEC), and recent chair of the Pipe Organ sub-Committee










Photo of Arthur E Schlueter, III, Vice-President of Tonal and Artistic Direction at A E Schlueter Pipe Organ Company Mr.Arthur Schlueter, III, "Arthur" serves as Corporate Vice-President as well as leadership in Tonal and Artistic Direction. The oldest of Artís children, Arthurís interest in the organ was spawned at an early age. He has worked in the organ industry since childhood and continued through high school and college. His initial studies were completed at the local community college so that he could continue to work with the company in a part time capacity. He is a graduate from Mercer University with a degree in Marketing. Arthur has been active with the company full time since 1990. He has been responsible for the design of all of our instruments in recent years.

Staff Organ Builders

Arthur E. Schlueter, Jr., President (ISO, AIO, OHS, NFPA, AGO)
Arthur E. Schlueter, III, Corporate V.P. Tonal and Artistic Direction (ISO, AIO, AGO)
Marc Conley, Production Supervisor(ISO, AIO, AGO)
Pete Duys, Sales and Service Coordinator and Tonal Finisher(ISO, AIO, AGO)
John Tanner, V.P. Production and Tonal Finisher (ISO, AIO, AGO, ATOS)
Bud Taylor, Service Technician (ISO, AIO, AGO)

Full-Time Support Staff

Kelvin Cheatham, Organ Technician (ISO)
Shan Bowen, Office Manager, Sr. Executive Assistant(ISO)
Jay Hodges, CNC Operator and Apprentice Woodworker (ISO)
Patrick Hodges, Organ Technician and Service (ISO)
John Tanner, Vice President of Production (ISO)
Kerry Bunn, Organ Technician and Service (ISO)
Ruth Lopez, Organ Technician (ISO)
Barbara Sedlacek, Administrative Assistant (ISO)
Al Schroer, Service Technician (ISO, AGO)
Jim Sowell, Chapel Music Director of Sales and Service (ISO)
Chad Sartin, Chapel Music Service Technician Apprentice (ISO)
Bob Weaver, Organ Technician and Service (ISO, AIO)
Dallas Wood, Service Technician (ISO)
Preston Wilson, Organ Technician and Tuning Apprentice
Yolanda Sandoval, Organ Technician (ISO)

Consulting Staff

David Kocsis, Sales and Support, Webmaster
Howard Weaver, Design Engineer Emeritus (ISO, AIO)


AGO = American Guild of Organists
AIO = American Institute of Organbuilders
ATOS = American Theatre Organ Society
ISO = International Society of Organbuilders
NFPA = National Fire Protection Association