First Baptist Church of Dalton, Georgia

Photo of the beautiful stenciled facade of the historical Pilcher pipe organ rebuilt by A E Schlueter Pipe Organ Company for First Baptist Church of Dalton, Georgia

One Manual, Six Stops, Five Ranks

The one manual and pedal instrument of 6 stops at First Baptist Church, Dalton, Georgia was originally built by Pilcher and Sons. It was originally installed in the church sanctuary in 1896 and is listed on the register of the Organ Historical Society. The organ employs both mechanical key and stop action and the temperament is equal.

The case work is of oak and features a stenciled facade. The stencil had been painted over so it was necessary to strip the pipes and restore the original pattern.

The organ served the church well in the main sanctuary until its removal during World War II. It was stored in the home of a church member until it was returned to the church and placed in a new Chapel in 1960. The A. E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Company was selected to refurbish the instrument. One reservoir fold had been removed by another organ company when the organ was moved into the chapel in 1960. Our rebuilding included manufacturing of a third fold for the reservoir in order to provide necessary winding capacity as was originally designed.



8' Open Diapason, 39 pipes
8' Melodia, 39 pipes
8' Unison Bass, 17 Pipes (C-E)
8' Dulciana, 56 pipes
4' Gemshorn, 56 pipes
Super Octave Coupler


16' Bourdon, 27 pipes
Manual to Pedal Coupler

Mechanical Action:
Manual Compass C1 - G56
Pedal Compass C1 - D27

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Photo of windchest in the process of being rebuilt by A E Schlueter Pipe Organ Company for First Baptist Church of Dalton, Georgia

Windchest in the process of being rebuilt.