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New Consoles

Closeup photo of pipe organ manuals with the manufacturers name (A.E. Schlueter) engraved in the wooden name board above the top manual

Whether you are having a new instrument built, looking to expand your current instrument, or looking for a new control unit for your current instrument, it is important to take a moment to mention our consoles. Our consoles are one of the many features of a Schlueter pipe organ that sets it apart from any other.

The A. E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Company builds its consoles of the finest materials and all consoles are built to conform to American Guild of Organists (AGO) standards. Prior to construction of any console, we submit the design with interior drawknobs/tablets, couplers, pistons, and other controls for client approval. Our consoles include features such as:

� Time honored mortise and tenon frame construction for strength
� Solid console base for rigidity and strength
� Laminated, solid wood table for support of keyboard and drawknob terraces
� Removable access panels for servicing of console workings
� Custom layout of console controls
� Client choice of console woods and finishes for console interior and exterior
� Ebony or rare wood division dividers
� Multiple memory levels for combination action
� Solid-state console keying and coupler system
� MIDI console controls with record/playback sequencer output capability, if desired
� Console wired to National Electric Code compliance (Article 650)
� High quality toe pistons on ergonomically curved solid wood terraces
� All reversible controls duplicated on pistons and toe pistons and/or toe spoons
� Pedal light and music rack lights automatic power-up with organ
� Music rack adjustable on two (2) axes
� Adjustable organ bench available as option
� High-grade keyboard surfaces with toggle tracker touch springs fitted
� Rock maple pedal naturals for long wear
� Adjustable pedal springs
� Silver contacts and silver key wipes on manual keys
� Silver contacts and silver wipes on pedal keys
� Electro-magnetic drawknob and tilting tablet units with sealed contacts
� Indicator lights
� Weight adjustable, balanced expression and crescendo pedals
� Keyed power switch with extra keys
� AC power service provided on console
� Consoles can be moveable, if desired

 Photo of pipe organ console drawknobs with old style engraving

 Photo of terrace style pipe organ console oblique drawknobs