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The Wood Shop

  One of the most important facets to any organbuilding facility is its woodshop.  The wood shop at the A. E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Company is lead by Mr. Robert Black, supervisor of Cabinetry, Casework, and Component Design.  Most of the organ action, framing, support system, casework, and reservoirs incorporate a high percentage of wood in their construction.  Each component in your instrument is custom-built beginning in this wood shop.  The wood shop is also responsible for producing the shells of our beautiful consoles.  Look to the information bar to the right of this page to see some photos of the beautiful work produced by our wood shop every day.

CNC Technology:

  The newest technological addition to the A. E. Schlueter Pipe Organ facility is our second CNC Machine.  The CNC, or computer numeric controlled machine, is an automated router powered by the engineering department through Auto Cad 2005, the latest in computer-aided design software.  This production machine is able to fabricate the pieces of intricate organ components to the nearest one-thousandth of an inch as well as operate three-dimensionally on the three X, Y, and Z axis.  The machine is capable of drilling toe boards, rack boards, expansion chambers for electric action, slider chest components, pouch boards, and any other item that can be drawn, scanned, or copied into the software.  Organ cases, accents, moldings, carvings, or any other three-dimensional form of woodworking can also be created by the CNC machine.

  The use of our CNC machine for your instrument's critical components assures the accuracy your instrument needs to operate free of problems for many years after production.  This machine also reduces our production overhead which is passed on to our customers as a lower cost of labor when building an instrument.  To visit our facilities and see this wonderful technological advancement in action, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Watch our CNC in action! (Video 1 - 1.46 MB)

Watch our CNC in action! (Video 2 - 2.85 MB)