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Production Facility

Starting from humble beginnings, the business gradually outgrew successive temporary and rented buildings, until 1988 when the current complex was begun. Today, the A. E. Schlueter Pipe Organ Company enjoys one of the most modern production facilities in the Eastern United States. These facilities provide our staff with the space needed to serve our customers and support our sales, repair, and organ-building activities. Our facility provides over 18,000 square feet of space with an acclimatized voicing room, wiring room, dedicated drafting and engineering spaces, a large storage warehouse, and a spacious main work room where entire instruments can be built and tested.

Storage Facility

The most recent addition to the current complex is the new storage facility. The new building stands over thirty feet high and can accommodate what has become the largest pipe organ storage warehouse in the Eastern United States. We have over seven hundred and fifty ranks of pipework in storage. This building gives us the capability to store entire instruments for extended periods of time. A portion of the new storage facility was set aside for the erection of new instruments, taking advantage of the tall ceiling height.


Pipe Organ Erecting Room

The new and re-engineered Swell Division for Broad Street Presbyterian Church in Columbus, Ohio is shown in the Erecting room portion of the storage facility. With two pipe levels and two reservoir levels, the twenty-seven foot structure with pipes fits comfortably within the confines of the new pipe organ erecting facility.

The mitred 16' Spitzflute is seen on the right side of the structure. The support structure and wind lines have yet to be painted.


The ten slider motors for the 6-rank and 4-rank lower level slider windchests are shown in this photograph. Their protective covers are not yet installed.