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Newberry ARP Church, Newberry, South Carolina

Two Manuals, Fifteen Ranks

Photo of new A E Schlueter pipe organ installed in Newberry ARP Church in Newberry, South Carolina



Great (Unenclosed)

16' Gedeckt
8' Diapason
8' Melodia
8' Viole Dolce
8' Dolce Celeste
4' Octave
4' Gedeckt
2' Super Octave
III Cornet
II-III Mixture 1 1/3'
8' Trompete
Swell to Great 8
MIDI on Great

Swell (Expressive)
16' Gedeckt TC
8' Gedeckt
8' Diapason
8' Viole Dolce
8' Dolce Celeste
4' Fugara
4' Traverse Flute
2 2/3' Nazard
2' Block Flute
1 3/5' Tierce
1 1/3' Quint
8' Trompete
MIDI on Swell

16' Subbass
8' Octave
8' Viole Dolce
8' Gedeckt
4' Octave
4' Open Flute
II Mixture
32' Harmonics
16' Contre Trompete
8' Trompete
4' Trompete
Great to Pedal 8
Swell to Pedal 8
MIDI on Pedal

Combination System
Combination System with 32 Levels Of Memory
10 General Pistons - Thumb
5 Great Divisional Pistons - Thumb
5 Swell Divisional Pistons - Thumb
Great to Pedal Reversible - Thumb and Toe
Swell to Pedal Reversible - Thumb and Toe
Sforzando Reversible - Thumb and Toe (programmable)
Crescendo Pedal (programmable)
Set Piston - Thumb
General Cancel - Thumb

Additional Features

Midi Data File Sequencer provided for Playback/Record of organ performance
Programmable Sforzando
Programmable Crescendo
Lighted Music Rack
Pedal Light with auto start
Indicator Lights for Crescendo and Sforzando
Organ Bench with Music Compartment and Riser Blocks
Keyed Power Switch
Satin Synthetic Keyboards with Tracker Touch
Silver Manual and Pedal Key Contacts
Electro-Mechanical Drawknobs
10-Year Warranty Inclusive Of Parts And Labor