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FREE Victorian Era Tracker Pipe Organ

Late 1800s Pilcher Tracker Pipe Organ is free,
just pay the cost to relocate and refurbish

Two Manuals, Thirteen Stops

Photo of free Victorian tracker pipe organ being offered by A E Schlueter Pipe Organ Company

This 2-manual Pilcher pipe organ, built in the late 1800s, was originally powered by water. This photo was taken in the early 1900s and captures the beauty of the instrument, which is being replaced with a new pipe organ. With some refurbishment it will be ready for a new home. Click here to contact Arthur Schlueter about this opportunity.


8 Open Diapason (56 pipes)
8 Dulciana (39 pipes)
8 Unison Bass (17 pipes)
8 Melodia (29 pipes)
4 Octave (56 pipes)
2 Superoctave (56 pipes)

8 Violin Diapason (56 pipes)
8 Stopped Diapason Treble (39 pipes)
8 Stopped Diapason Bass (17 pipes)
8 Salicional (56 pipes)
4 Flute Harmonique (56 pipes)
8 Oboe Gamba (56 pipes)

16 Bourdon (27 pipes)
Swell to Pedal

Click here for printable flyer of this organ.