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Affordable Two-Manual Organs

We are committed to making pipe organs affordable
   for every church.

Every pipe organ builder dreams of building the large "magnum opus" instrument which will be featured on the cover of industry journals and heralded in newspaper and magazine articles. These organ installations often cost in excess of a million dollars, or even several million. As a consequence, many churches believe that pipe organs are out of the reach of their budgets.

Because of our commitment to building affordable pipe organs, we have developed facilities with an eye toward more efficient organ building processes. Investing heavily in the modern technologies of Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and the Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machine has allowed us to build and capitalize on a database of organ designs which can be easily reproduced without incurring the upfront expense of design and programming.

Now we are ready to offer selected, flexible, organ designs which can be easily adapted to fit a variety of spaces and musical requirements. While we would like to be "trailblazers," we are not the first to go down this road. Moller developed and very successfully installed many organs that served small to mid-sized churches well, using this same business model. But today, most organ builders are not equipped to do anything but expensive, custom-designed instruments, re-inventing the wheel over and over again.

Every instrument we build is designed to complement the existing architecture and visual elements of the sanctuary, and provide for choir accompaniment, congregational singing, service music and liturgy, as well as supply a varied solo palette for instrumental performances.

Every organ is full-featured with all the modern conveniences, including:

  • Combination system with USB memory storage (100 levels for 50 organists)
  • Built-in MIDI data file sequencer for playback/record of organ performance
  • Transposer
  • Programmable Sforzando
  • Programmable Crescendo
  • Lighted music rack
  • Pedal light with auto start
  • Indicator lights for Crescendo and Sforzando
  • Organ bench with music compartment and riser blocks
  • Keyed power switch
  • Satin synthetic keyboards with tracker touch
  • Silver manual and pedal key contacts
  • Electro-mechanical drawknobs
  • Ten-year warranty on parts and labor

  • All this at a reasonable, upfront, no surprises, cost. Details, specifications, and cost are now available for the following models:

    The Two Manual, Fifteen Rank Pipe Organ

    Click here for details
    for the two-manual,
    15-rank pipe organ

    The Two Manual, Twenty-three Rank Pipe Organ

    Click here for details
    for the two-manual,
    23-rank pipe organ