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Trinity C. M. E. Church of Augusta, Georgia

Photo of Pilcher tracker pipe organ at Trinity CME Church in Augusta, Georgia, restored by A E Schleuter Pipe Organ Company

This historic congregation was the first CME church in America, formed before the abolition of slavery. It is noteworthy that this instrument was built specifically for this congregation, not a hand-me-down as had been rumored.

This early 1900's Pilcher tracker organ was removed from its original home at Trinity CME in downtown Augusta after the church was compelled to move and build at another location.

Many of the trackers had been broken and replaced with coat hangers. The original pipework was all intact and in good working condition. An electric blower had been added to the organ, but the original hand pump lever was also still in place.

The facade pipes had been repainted many times through the years. Specialists carefully removed all the layers to get to the original paint. They were able to then recreate the original patterns and pigments in order to restore the facade to its original beauty.

All organ parts were carefully disassembled, and restored, using the materials that were originally used in its construction.

The organ was re-installed as the focal point of the chapel at their new location.

1906 Pilcher & Sons - Two Manuals, Ten Ranks



8' Open Diapason, 61 pipes
8' Dulciana, 49 pipes
8' Melodia, 49 pipes
8' Stopped Diapason Bass, 12 pipes
4' Octave, 61 pipes


8' Violin Diapason, 49 pipes
8' Salicional, 61 pipes
8' Stopped Diapason, 49 pipes
8' Unison Bass, 12 pipes
8' Flute Harmonique, 61 pipes
4' Violina, 61 pipes


16' Bourdon, 30 pipes


Couplers and Accessories

Swell to Great
Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal
Tremolo to Swell
Bellows Signal
Wind Indicator
Balanced Swell Pedal
Electric Motor (new)

Mechanical Action
Manual Compass: C - c 61
Pedal Compass: C - f 30