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Lumpkin United Methodist Church of Lumpkin, Georgia

Photo of new 2-manual, 10-rank Schlueter pipe organ installed at Lumpkin United Methodist Church in Lumpkin, Georgia

Two Manuals, Ten Ranks

The congregation of the Lumpkin United Methodist Church in rural Georgia pursued replacement of their electronic instrument with several goals in mind. Foremost was the desire for the superior sound of wind-blown pipes and the longevity of a pipe organ. Many of the organ committee members were descendents of the founders or longtime members of the church and they saw this project as an opportunity to provide an instrument for future generations.

The placement of this instrument was a challenge because there was no planned space for a pipe organ and no good location for the console. The sanctuary is in a half-round configuration with seating for 125 congregants. However, we knew that with proper placement of the organ, the intimacy and acoustics of the room would allow the use of moderate scales and unforced voicing.

The former choir loft was immediately considered for placement of the organ. Proving to be an ideal space, the niche had in recent years been used for the piano and electronic organ. To solve the problem of console location, it was decided to build an attached console.

Architecturally, the organ case is historically inspired and evocative of design elements found in many southern rural churches around the turn of the century. The pipe shades are open carvings composed of interlocked arched elements gilded in gold.

The case was constructed of rift-sawn white oak finished to match the sanctuary furnishings.

The console drawknobs are of turned macassar ebony with engraved insets. Other console features include tracker-touch keyboards, playback/record capability, and multi-level combination memory.

Though small, the completed instrument visually and tonally ties itself to the sanctuary as it serves in worship. One of the finest complements paid to our firm was made by an elder member of the congregation: ďIt looks as if it were designed with the building and has always been here. Now that itís here, we canít imagine not having it.Ē


8 Principal
8 Koppelflote
8 Viola
8 Viola Celeste TC
4 Octave
4 Gedeckt
2 Fifteenth
II Mixture 1 1/3'
8 Trompette
Swell to Great

8 Gedeckt
8 Viola
8 Viola Celeste TC
4 Viola
4 Koppelflote
2 Waldflote
1 1/3 Quint
II Sesquialtera
8 Trompette

16 Subbass
8 Principal (GT)
8 Gedeckt (SW)
4 Octave (GT)
4 Flute (SW)
8 Trompette (SW)
Great to (Pedal)
Swell to (Pedal)

Music Rack
Pedalboard Light
Balanced Expression Pedal for Entire Organ
Balanced Crescendo Shoe
1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10 Combination Presets
General Cancel Piston
Setter Piston
8 Levels of Combination Memory
Wind Indicator Light
Crescendo Indicator Light
The instrument is capable of playback/record